Dawn of Discovery Featured in Doña Ana Arts Council Gallery

The Doña Ana Arts Council (DAAC) will feature artwork from the Las Cruces Space Festival online art show, Dawn of Discovery March through May on the Staszewski Library and Gallery wall.  The Arts Council recently dedicated this space to Eugenia and Wanda Staszewki for their support of the arts in our region.  The sisters, in particular, loved music and supported the Las Cruces Symphony as well as other causes.

The third-annual Las Cruces Space Festival was postponed last March due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, Alice Carruth, Public Relations Coordinator at Spaceport America and Festival Director, and Karen Conley, DAAC Program Manager and the Dawn of Discovery curator, felt the work was too good not to share.  The show included almost 90 pieces of artwork from international and local artists portraying the beauty of the Universe and the excitement of space exploration.  In May 2020, they launched the online show with some help from NMCO Media, hoping that they could hold an exhibition of the work at some point.

The Arts Council has offered up space to exhibit some of the work on a rotation basis from March through May.  Currently, work by Tina Ballew, Karen Conley, Evan Curtis, Paul Maxwell, Manfred Schreyer, and David Sorensen can be viewed until March 30th.  The Arts Council will rotate in another group of artists from the online show in April.

The exhibit is available for viewing March 1-30, 2021, at the Doña Ana Arts & Cultural Center located at 250 W. Amador during regular business hours, 9 am to 5 pm weekdays, and will be open Saturday, March13th from 12-5.  For more information, please visit the website www.daarts.org or call the Doña Ana Arts Council at 575-523-6403.