Our Place In Space- Las Cruces Art Exhibition

‘Our Place In Space- Las Cruces’ is a Hubble-inspired art exhibition in partnership with the Space Telescope Science Institute and the European Space Agency. Large images from the Hubble Telescope will be on display at eight locations around the City alongside pieces created by local artists. The exhibition has been carefully curated to encourage audiences to think about where humanity fits into the grand scheme of the Universe.

The ‘Our Place In Space- Las Cruces’ exhibition will open at 10 am on April 8th with a ribbon-cutting ceremony at the Mesilla Valley Mall, led by ESA Hubble Space Telescope Project Scientist, Dr. Antonella Nota. Dr. Nota curated this exhibition in locations around Europe and in Colombia. This is the first time this exhibition has been held in the USA.

Visitors can download a map of the exhibition venues and take in the art throughout the Festival, and in some locations, until the end of May. All the local artwork will be available to purchase through a silent auction that will run until Saturday, April 13th. The art will then be available to take home at the end of the exhibition.

The Las Cruces Space Festival team is excited to be working with local artists on the ‘Our Place In Space- Las Cruces’ exhibition- everyone is inspired by the images captured by the Hubble Telescope and the Universe as a whole:

Christina Ballew is an artist, curator and creative director.  ‘Connections’ is a piece made specifically for ‘Our Place In Space- Las Cruces’ that is a public collaborative painting celebrating a narrative of life, death and our connection to each other and the universe.

Textile Artist Rebecca Smith has created a mixed media piece inspired by the colors of nebulae. Made from wool and mixed fibers, bright colors contrast against blacks and grays in a circular weaving that represents the explosion of colors of these clouds of gas and dust in outer space, along with weaving techniques that encourage the audience to ‘Peer’ through the space.

Peer, Mixed Textiles Peer, Mixed Textiles

Kathleen Deasy is featuring four pieces in the ‘Our Place In Space- Las Cruces Exhibition. Her largest piece features Saturn in textured oil to reflect the surface of the planet on a 4 x 5 foot canvas.

Aaron Valenzuela is the co-owner and head artist at Atom Bomb Studio. As a New Mexican native and life-long artist, he has incorporated space themes and New Mexico iconography frequently throughout his art. His piece for the Las Cruces Space Festival is reflective of his interest in the Universe.

Heather Clement Davis, is a published Author and Artist.  A former Archaeologist, Heather is interested in the evolution of art and humanity. She created her piece “Waves in the Stellar Lagoon” for the Las Cruces Space Festival, intrigued by the fluid nature of nebulae.

Waves in the Stellar Lagoon, Oil on canvas Waves in the Stellar Lagoon, Oil on canvas

Las Cruces visual artist and rapper Louie Cisnerossi (Woartwo) created a colorful canvas that draws on the connection between Las Cruces, Southern New Mexico and its long history of space exploration. The rocket featured resembles the Space Shuttle Columbia, which landed at White Sands Missile Range in 1982.

Las Cruces based artist Nicole Sullivan created a painting on a 4’x4′ square of canvas themed around space trash for the ‘Our Place In Space- Las Cruces’ exhibition. It reflects on how humanity has already clogged a good radius around the Earth with man-made debris.

Born and raised in Las Cruces, New Mexico, Anahy Nuñez is a self-taught multimedia artist. She is the co-owner of Atom Bomb Studio, located in the heart of the Historic Mesquite district. Her work for the Las Cruces Space Festival celebrates the beauty of rich colors and organic forms found in outer space, blending several mediums to create celestial showpieces.

Jo-An Smith’s work will be displayed alongside the Hubble Images at Cutter Gallery. Her exhibition ‘Continuum: From Caves to the Cosmos’ will be opening on April 13th. Jo-An says ancient cliff dwellings led her to paint outer space and you can hear her present about her exhibition on May 4th.

Emerald Nebula Emerald Nebula